Research Institute of Space Industrialization (ISI)

Our short story

ISI was established in 2017 to implement projects of Ukrainian scientists abroad. The Institute offers projects for industrial space exploration. Rocket-space complexes for projects of scientists of the Institute contain reusable constructions: launch vehicles, engines, orbital vehicles. The main idea of the Institute is the development of Ukrainian projects abroad and the subsequent retransmission of advanced technologies to Ukraine.

Founders of the Institute:

- Oleksandr LEVENKO, Director

- Oleh PAUK, co-Director

Our partners:

- National Space Facilities Control and Test Center (NSFCTC) (Ukraine)

- AirSpace Agency "Magellan, Kiev" (Ukraine)

-  Harbin Institute Technology Science Park, Qingdao (China) 

- The National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth, Dnepr (Ukraine)

- ATC Yuzmashavia, Dnepr (Ukraine)

Viktor Khutornyy, PhD,


General Director